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Throwin’ Shade(s) in Belize – Belize Wedding Photography

Weddings are always full of love and emotion, but some weddings are just ‘extra’. They are the ones that, as wedding photographers, give us leaky eyes when we remember them. They don’t really ‘throw shade’ on the other weddings, but in this case, they did throw shades! You’ll understand when you read this blog and see the photos, just what we mean.

The perfect place to start is with the dress.

 And here is the bride.

We don’t usually feature the groom’s clothing, but in this case, the collar. Just check this out! Detailicious!

While we’re on details, let’s look at those rings. You can stare. They won’t know.

As getting the bride dressed becomes a more dedicated activity…

…it’s time for her to send her son to help his stepfather-to-be ’cause they need to do that bonding stuff too.

This is when it starts to get extra folks. Hope you have your hankies ready.

There’s just something so special in this…

…and this. And how s’tie’lish is that bow tie?

Meanwhile, in the bridal quarters.

Everything is ready to go. Sand – check. Palm tree – check. Blue skies – check. A view of the barrier reef – check. Fluffy clouds – check.

Let’s see if everyone is ready to go. Bride’s feet are looking beautiful.

Guys are taking selfies.

Bride’s garters. Oooh La La.

Guys are sharing refreshments.

 And so it begins. Two families joining.

Everyone has something to say.

Making sure that the family will always be united.

Through love.

Through tears.

Through laughter.

A family as one.

Full of symbolism.

Full of joy.

In one short afternoon on the beach…

…everything changes and it also stays the same.

But there is no doubt that this family has grown.

It’s certainly something worth celebrating. After all, it is a wedding. Right now there needs to be a little privacy.

So, there will be.

Dancing partners forever.

To love and to cherish.

To create memories.

There aren’t many places better for that than beautiful Belize.

And now the cake is calling.

Tradition insists that the cake gets some attention.

Tradition has some good ideas really.

This family is ready to start some traditions of its very own.



This ‘extra’ wedding where shades were thrown was organised and hosted by Coco Beach Resort


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  1. Love the colors, love the theme, love the new family joining together… Just lovely!

    March 24, 2018 at 12:38 pm

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