Belize Weddings in Paradise

Location, Tradition & Celebration (oh and location, location) – Belize Wedding Photography

Belize is an extraordinary place. People who visit often return year after year because they sense how special it is.  We just adore working all over the country and Placencia, where this fun and, love filled beach wedding took place, is one of our favourite locations. Combine that with a couple that just ‘gets’ Belize and you have a destination wedding at its very best.

As with all of our blogs, we like to start at the beginning so that we can share the story with you. Most couples anticipate that their ceremony photos will be their favourites, but when they look back, often, it’s the candid, intimate moments with family and friends before the ceremony that bring back the emotions of the day.

And, while many couples, come to Belize to elope, for others, the day is all about sharing such an incredible location with the people they love.

And what a location to share!

Check out these little cuties paving the way for the bride and delivering the all so important rings!

A barefoot wedding at a beach bar may not seem conventional to many, but when you have a gorgeous dress, a perfect bouquet and one of your favourite people there to walk you down the aisle, it feels just as traditional as it would anywhere else…except warmer and sandier.

This is where it gets real!

We were enamoured with everything about this wedding. The joy was palpable not to mention the colourful Caribbean scenery.

Yay! They are legal. Now it’s time for them to go out and have some fun getting their photos taken in places which will always remind them of this special day.

There was just this important moment to be captured for eternity. We’re not sure who caught which one or if anyone caught anything because, everyone was heading to the bar to wait for the couple’s return.

It’s a beach. It’s in the Caribbean. There’s a lot of captains and a lot of bars

In fact, we always encourage our couples to take a break in between photos.

Especially when it’s somewhere they already have so many friends and wonderful memories.

Never mind that a little bit of rum can make them feel like they are flying.

As the sun goes down, we like to get a bit adventurous with them and find magical little spots.

We take our time and allow our couple to relax before they return to party. This, they tell us, is one of their favourite parts of the day and we must admit, it makes us feel so happy to be part of that.

And so the evening begins.

Congratulations to such a delightful couple, who shared there love of Belize and each other with us and, now, with you.


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