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Find the Caye to Your Heart in Belize – Belize Weddings


We’re not sure how many there are. We’re not sure anyone really knows, but there are possibly hundreds of small ‘islands’ off the coast of Belize. The thing is that they are not islands, in the true sense. They are ‘cayes’. Cayes are formed on the top of reefs and are pretty much held together by the forests of the sea, mangroves.

In this photo, not only are you able to see how mangroves grow and help to create cayes, but you can also see how love seems to sprout on the cayes in Belize. And just in case you didn’t know how to pronounce ‘cayes’, it rhymes with Belize. Perfect!

When you get married in the tropics, you tend to avoid dressing until the very last moment. This works well with the laid back way of life on the cayes and contributes to a stress free and relaxed wedding. Everyone has time to finish off those last minute details without feeling rushed. Small things like ummm..writing your vows.

The dress is the last item of clothing donned before a Belize wedding and most brides don’t put it on until 15 minutes before the ceremony.

When there is so little time to get worried, it keeps the nerves at bay .

Destination beach weddings are stunning in their simplicity, allowing Mother Nature to provide the decorations and ambience.

(Had to find an excuse to include this photo of the youngest guest at this wedding)

All guests, young and old, love a beach wedding.

Even when certain things take a little longer than expected. Ahem…

After the wedding is the time for the photographer and the couple to explore the caye together. Couples tell us this is one of the things they enjoy most on their wedding day as it gives them the chance to reconnect and have a breather before joining their guests again.

This is St. George’s Caye. It has a fascinating history and although there are conflicts over the facts, its place in Belizean history is celebrated annually on ‘The Battle of St. George’s Caye Day’, every 10th of September. This celebration commemorates a battle, which was fought and won in the waters surrounding the caye, that drove the Spanish from the shores of Belize in 1798.

Very few people live on St. George’s Caye full time, which means it is extremely peaceful and rustic.

You can visit the docks on the island and wander around without seeing a soul.

There are many old docks to check out and the natural beauty is serene and stunning.

Unlike some other cayes, the mangroves that provide a nursery for so much sea life are relatively untouched. There is a local saying that ‘fish grow on trees in Belize’ (which also rhymes with cayes!).

The best part is that once you find a dock you like, there’s no one and nothing to stop you from jumping right into the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea.

That’s the way to start a lifetime together with a splash!

Remember that we told you how relaxed and enjoyable weddings on cayes in Belize were? No formalities are necessary. Just love and joy.

The one thing you can never forget though is the breathtaking beauty of the magical country that is Belize. (and its cayes)


This beautiful wedding was hosted and organised by St. George’s Caye Resort

Bridesmaids Make a Splash – Belize Weddings

Belize Destination Wedding Photography - Wedding in BelizeWe love weddings all over Belize and especially on the gorgeous cayes.  This wedding was on the historic and stunning St. George’s Caye.

Belize Destination PhotographerNormally we focus entirely on the couple in our wedding photography blogs, but this time, we thought we’d give a ‘shout out’ to all the fabulous bridesmaids out there.  Bridesmaids have a tough job.

Wedding in Belize, Photography in BelizeFirst they have to not only look fabulous, but make sure that the bride does too.

Belize Wedding - Wedding Photographer in BelizeThen there is getting through the ceremony without ruining your makeup.

Belize Destination Wedding Photography - Wedding in BelizeAnother big responsibility is making sure that the romantic photo shoot is kept quiet and private.

Wedding Photographer in BelizeAfter all that hard work, bridesmaids definitely need to rest.

Wedding Photographer in BelizeAnd when things just get too hot….Destination Wedding Photographer in Belize

…all bets are off.  Bridesmaids gone wild?

Belize Wedding - Wedding Photographer in Belize

Meanwhile, the couple managed to sneak away and get some romantic time together.  While the bridesmaids certainly were fabulous at this wedding, the couple, of course, were the stars of the show.

Wedding Photography in BelizeAnd there isn’t a much better theatre for a wedding than St. George’s Caye.

Belize Destination Wedding Photography - Wedding in BelizeBaby mangroves dot the coast and their reflections offer an eerily beautiful backdrop.

Destination Wedding Photographer in BelizeCute little details and locations provide great spots to rest and ….

Destination Wedding Photographer in Belize…enjoy the breathtaking views, but the couple know that the bridesmaids are waiting to get that party started.Belize Destination Wedding Photography - Wedding in Belize

And what a party it was!

So, thank you to the many wonderful, funny, entertaining, gorgeous, helpful and downright crazy bridesmaids who inspired this blog.  We love you!

This wonderful wedding was organised and hosted by the beautiful St. George’s Caye Resort.

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