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Belize Weddings – Love Expressions

During Valentine’s week, love is in the air.  Please enjoy our tribute to love and romance.

There are many ways for couples to express their love.  As wedding photographers, we celebrate every expression of love, whether traditional or unique, simple or elaborate.  This couple loved each other so very much and we would like to share their love expressions with you.

These are Tiffany boxes.  Tiffany’s is a jewelry company that helped shape the culture of the USA.  Founded in 1837, Tiffany’s supplied the Union Army during the American Civil War, created the design that became the New York Yankee’s logo and helped to develop the Great Seal of the United States.  You cannot find a more traditional way to express love if you are from the United States than by exchanging Tiffany rings.

Just this first expression of love, Tiffany rings in Tiffany boxes, was so important to this couple that they waited until right before their ceremony to open the boxes together.  Their absolute delight was contagious.

Every detail had been carefully considered by this beautiful bride.  We know a couple will be wonderful to work with when they spend so much time communicating to us in the months before their wedding.  These gorgeous barefoot sandals matched her nails exquisitely and were the perfect accessory for a tropical beach wedding in Belize.

Our bride, being a dancer, was able to celebrate their union gloriously in the Caribbean Sea.

Her groom couldn’t resist the chivalrous expression of sweeping her off her feet and he sealed it with a kiss.

So many wonderful details made this couples wedding in Belize special.  Their initials and wedding dates had been embroidered into the dress.  Small things can sometimes create the evoke the greatest of emotions.

Sometimes, we focus on the bride, allowing her to express herself in her own beautiful, feminine and unique way.

Through our special Trash the Dress experiences, the bride can participate in an expressive art piece.  In Belize, this usually results in serene images that reflect the natural beauty of the tropical setting.

Men, on the other hand love to be a hero – and who doesn’t love a hero?

Sometimes, masculine expressions are so tremendously sweet in their simplicity.

The meeting of two kindred souls among millions still has got to be one of the most powerful connections humans can experience.  The celebration of marriage is the ultimate expression of that love.  Two, uniting to become one.

This amazing love expression and wedding experience was organised by ‘I DO’ Belize Weddings.

The ceremony was held at the beautiful Portofino Resort.

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