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Sun+Sea+Sand+Celebration = Perfect Destination Wedding – Belize Wedding

Trash the Dress Wedding Photographer in BelizeTwo questions that we encounter frequently as destination wedding photographers in Belize – 1. Why do people have destination weddings? and 2. Why do people come to Belize for destination weddings?  Even if those questions have never occurred to you before, we bet they are now stuck in your mind. Thank goodness Conch Creative is here to answer those very important questions.

Destination Wedding In Belize _ Belize PhotographyPeople have destination weddings for all sorts of reasons, but in our experience, the most common is so that they and their loved ones can truly relax and let their hair down..or in this case, maybe relaxing a little bit too much, while the bride watches one of her bridesmaids having her hair put up.  Sorry to be confusing.  But the point is that destination wedding couples do not want the stress and drama that can come with a traditional wedding at home.

Belize Wedding Photographer - Belize Beach WeddingWhat could be more fun and relaxing than a barefoot wedding on a sandy beach, overlooking the Caribbean?

Belize Destination Wedding PhotographyYou don’t have to worry about whether or not you’ll get blisters because the only thing on your feet will be sand, and in the case of fashionable barefoot brides, some very pretty jewelry.

Belize Wedding PlacenciaIn the interest of not being sexist, we feel obliged to point out that the men had very nice jewelry too.

Beach Wedding Belize PhotographyNow for question number 2.  Why Belize?  Well first of all, you can’t get Belizean Belikin beer anywhere else.  Even if you could, we believe that it couldn’t possibly taste the same drunk anywhere but Belize.

Wedding Belize - Photographer BelizeWhile we wouldn’t want to be accused of misleading anyone, we are also of the understanding (as reported to us by our couples) that cake also tastes better in Belize.  Yes, we realise this may be quite unbelievable, but apparently it’s true.

Wedding Photographer in Belize - Beach Wedding PlacenciaTruly though, what other things make Belize such a perfect place for a destination wedding?  What many people don’t know is that Belize, unlike many other destinations, has kept all of its beaches public.  So, you have access to miles and miles of beautiful, natural and untouched Caribbean coastline.

Destination Belize Wedding PhotographerPeople in Belize are friendly and welcoming to visitors.  You can find yourself a sunny spot and just relax and no one will bother you – except that pesky photographer, who keeps following you everywhere.

Wedding Photographer BelizeBecause Belize has such a small population, you can kiss on the beach in the daytime and never have an audience – except that photographer again!

Belize Wedding Photographer - Belize WeddingYou can also kiss on the beach at night, in the glowing light of tiki torches, which miraculously appear whenever there is a wedding.

Destination Wedding Photographer BelizeDid you know that Belize makes you love each other more?  It’s a well documented fact supported by studies conducted by Conch Creative.

Trash the Dress Photography BelizeYou may think we’re joking.  But we’re not.  Belize does affect people in very different ways.  People who appear perfectly normal in the beautiful sunrise…

Wedding Photography  - Trash the Dress Belize…suddenly find themselves leaping into the air for no obvious reason.

Belize Destination Wedding Trash the DressAnother example is that one minute a couple will be standing, romantically, with the water flowing around their toes..and then before you know it….

Trash the Dress in Belize Photographer…they are soaking wet and frolicking like young lambs in the sea.  Maybe not like lambs.  Lambs don’t often go in the sea. Maybe more like young dolphins or fish or sea horses.

Trash the Dress - Belize - Wedding PhotographerSo while we wholeheartedly recommend destination beach weddings in Belize, we now have given you fair warning.  When in Belize, you may just find yourselves having far too much fun.

Wedding Photography in BelizeSo ‘reflect’ (get it ..reflect..hahaha…never mind) carefully on your decision.  Because…..

Trash the Dress Wedding Photography in Belize…no one could ever possibly want this much fun at their wedding, now, would they?

Conch Creative would like to thank the magic of Belize for making this wedding super special.

This beautiful and fun wedding in Placencia was organised by Lee Nyhus of Placencia Weddings and hosted by Coco Plum Villas

PSA- If you want a stressful wedding and no fun at all, do not come to Belize

5 Rules For Your Perfect Destination Wedding in Belize – Belize Weddings

Belize Destination Wedding Photography

There are so many places to have a perfect destination wedding in Belize and Placencia is one of those places.  A peninsula towards the south of Belize, it is known for it’s wide sandy beaches, which are perfect for a barefoot beach wedding.

Wedding Photography in BelizeSo many brides dream of walking barefoot, down a sandy aisle, lined with palm trees with a handsome escort.

Wedding in Belize - Photography in BelizePart of that dream is attending to every detail, to make sure that this wedding in paradise will be perfect.

Wedding in Belize - Photographer BelizeHaving a fabulous and beautiful bevy of bridesmaids is an important part of that dream.

Wedding Photographer in BelizeA handsome bunch of chaps doesn’t hurt either.

Photographer Belize WeddingsWhen it all comes together under the warm Caribbean sun, with the waves lapping gently in the background, it is a dream come true.

Wedding Photography Destination BelizeA bride might start to wonder if it can get any better.

Belize Wedding PhotographerFor the guests, there is only one way for it to get better and that means that there may just be a party around the corner.

Wedding Photography Belize

The girls are ready to get started.

Belize Wedding PhotographySo,  the guests freshen up and get ready for their luxury limousine to transport them to the event.

Belize Wedding Photographer - Belize WeddingOur romantic couple catch a little quiet time together.  After all, they planned the party and they know what’s ahead!

Destination Wedding Photographer

Because the wedding party is on a lovely part of the peninsula known as Maya Beach, the couple take in the sights of Placencia Village while waiting for their school bus.  Did we just say school ‘bus’?  We meant limousine.

Beach Wedding Belize

We’ve decided not to use metaphors of reflections, views to the future or the groom being unable to take his eye off of his beautiful bride because it’s time for everyone to climb aboard.

Belize Wedding Photographers - Belize WeddingYes, it is a school bus, but here in the paradise of Belize, we like to keep things simple and recycle.  One man’s old school bus is a bride and grooms limousine.

Wedding Photographer in Belize - Wedding Photography BelizeFirst, there was the toss of the bouquet.  These bridesmaids didn’t hold back.

Belize Wedding Photography - Belize Photographer Beach WeddingAnd the winner is!!!!!  We hope she knows that if you catch a bouquet in Belize, you have to come back to Belize to get married.   It’s a tradition.  OK, maybe a tradition that we’ve made up, but we think it’s a good one.

Destination Wedding in Belize PhotographerNot only does Belize have a very unique style of limousine transport, but our cake cutting implements are extremely functional, yet dramatic.

Wedding Photographer Belize - Conch CreativeDid we happen mention that getting married in Belize may involve assisting with the traditional emptying of an ‘elephant foot’, which is a rather large bottle of local rum……

Wedding Photographer Belize -  Belize Wedding Photographer

…and hats.  Everyone in Belize wears hats, just like these.

So remember the 5 rules for your perfect destination wedding as written by Conch Creative.

1.  Have a dream.

2.  Come to Belize and make that dream come true

3.  Whoever catches the bouquet has to come back to Belize to get married.

4.  Cakes should be cut with machetes while in Belize.

5.  Your celebration should be full of love, fun, rum and ….um….hats!

We wish this couple all the very best for the future.

 This beautiful wedding in Placencia, Belize was organised by Lee Nyhus.

The fantastic reception was hosted by Singing Sands Resort, Belize.

Special thanks to Anna Williams.