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Picture Perfect – Belize Weddings

destination-wedding-at-mata-chica-belize-photographyWho doesn’t want to look picture perfect on their wedding day? For so many brides and grooms, making that special effort for such a important and memorable event, is part of the ritual. Everyone hopes that the person to whom they are committing to for life will look at them, while they exchange vows, and think ‘Wow! How did I get so lucky?’ And we believe that’s how it should be. It also helps us to create beautiful pictures. As wedding photographers in Belize, that’s our job and we’re so grateful when couples make our job easier.

belize-destination-wedding-photographerThe ritual tends to be different for the brides and grooms. Brides usually have a professional to help them.

wedding-in-belize-photographerGrooms, on the other hand, have to make themselves look good all on their own.

wedding-photography-mata-chica-belizeThe bride has an expert to apply the finishing touches and tell her she looks beautiful.

belize-wedding-photographyThe groom has a mirror.

belize-wedding-photography-mata-chicaThe thing is that when they finally see each other and they truly do look picture perfect…

wedding-photographer-in-belize…that’s when the magic begins.

mata-chica-wedding-photographer-belizeNo matter who you are – even if you’re a wedding photographer, who has worked on hundreds of weddings – you can’t help but feel moved by the emotions and shared love between two people on their wedding day.

belizeweddingphotographysan-pedroWhen they are this happy and they are in Belize, one of the most beautiful places on earth, it doesn’t matter whether the picture is …

destination-wedding-photography-in-ambergris-caye-belize…on the dock…

belize-destination-wedding-photograoher…or on the beach…

belize-destination-wedding-photography…in lush tropical gardens…

destination-wedding-photographer-ambergris-caye…or in a quirky window…

wedding-photographer-belize-conch-creative…it’s always going to be picture perfect.

This picture perfect wedding was planned and hosted by the wonderful Matachica Resort

La Isla L’Amour Part 2 – Belize Wedding Photography

Destination Wedding Photography BelizeWarning – This blog contains images that may make you wishful, envious, joyful and really, really, really want to get married in Belize. This is probably as perfect as it gets.

Belize Wedding PhotographyThat last, final touch up, when your heart is beating like crazy and you’re worried you might cry.  Taking deep breaths and keeping it together.  You don’t want to ruin your makeup.

Wedding in Belize - PhotographerThose last minute thoughts.  Wondering how you got so lucky and how you could be so nervous.

Destination Belize Wedding PhotographyStanding on the Caribbean beach, staring at the turquoise waters and being grateful that you are so lucky to be in such a beautiful place with the one you love most in the world.  Waiting.

Destination Wewdding Photographer in BelizeIt’s time.  Small, intimate, perfect.  You speak the words that mean forever.

Belize WeddingThose words are sealed in writing confirming your commitment.

Belize Wedding Photography - Conch CreativeSuddenly you realise that the nerves have washed away and you’re filled with happiness.

Mata Chica Wedding Photography BelizeFirst things first – capture the memory of the people who helped you to have such a special occasion.

Mata Chica Belize WeddingThen make a toast to each other and to your future together.

Belize Wedding PhotographerDance like no one is watching – though someone is.

Belize Wedding Photographer - Belize Wedding PhotographyTake some time to reconnect and decompress after all the excitement by standing on the end of a dock surrounded by endless blue, moody clouds above and the waves crashing over the reef in the distance.

Belize Wedding Photographer Conch CreativeYou never seem to tire of gazing into each other’s eyes and you hold hands as you walk slowly down the beach back to the comfort of your resort.

Belize Wedding phtographer Ambergris Caye - Mata Chica WeddingBy the time you return, the sun is setting and it’s time for a quick refreshment to take back to your room.

Belize Wedding Mata Chica PhotographyThis is where your day ends and your wedding night begins.  We think it’s time for the photographer to go home.

This perfect wedding was organised and hosted by the gorgeous Matachica resort.

La Isla L’Amour Part 1 – Belize Wedding Photography

Belize Wedding Photographer -San Pedro - Ambergris CayeHow many ways can I say I love you?  Love sounds good in French & Spanish, so why not mix it up.  Love is love and it’s pretty amazing to be able to share our love of Belize with two people who are so in love with each other.  So, join us on this tour of l’amour on La Isla Bonita and let us help to define our idea of La Isla L’Amour.

Wedding Photography in BelizeSharing island delicacies (Belikin Beer) on a hammock on the beach while gazing into each other’s eyes.  That’s La Isla L’Amour.

Destination Wedding in Belize - Photographer Belize WeddingsShopping at the craft stands in downtown San Pedro and having to make tough decisions.  That’s La Isla L’Amour.

Trash the Dress in Belize - Wedding PhotographyContemplating sneaking away on a boat called Cecilia.  That’s La Isla L’Amour.

Belize Wedding PhotographerSnuggling up on a dock under a sign that says ‘spear fishing’.  That’s La Isla L’Amour.

Wedding Photography Belize -3Playing piggy back rides among the mangroves.  That’s La Isla L’Amour.

Trash the dress-san pedro photographerKissing each other inside the mouth of a giant jaguar mouth outside of a nightclub – that happens to be an ice cream stand during daylight hours.  That’s La Isla L’Amour.

Destination Wedding Photographer in Belize - Photography BelizeStanding on a bridge to watch the sailboats go by.  That’s La Isla L’Amour.

Belize Wedding PhotographerAs the day comes to an end, finding one of those secret spots at the back of town, where the sky turns lavender as it sets.  That most definitely is La Isla L’Amour.

This stunning photography experience around town is just Part 1. of another mind blowingly beautiful wedding in Belize.  Look out for Part 2. for some more romantic and breathtakingly beautiful scenery.

We’d like to thank Matachica resort for hosting this gorgeous bride & groom as well as organising their wedding.

The Perfect Match – Destination Belize Wedding

Wedding Photography in BelizeWe do a lot of wedding photography in Belize, but there is always a first time for everything.  This was our first ‘footie’ wedding.  For our USA friends, we are talking about ‘soccer’ of course.  The game, where a ball is kicked with the foot.  As we’re sure you can see, our groom LOVED football.  Our very patient bride, not so much.  So, sticking to our football theme, let’s see how our teams pan out.

Belize Destination Wedding Photographer - Ambergris CayeThe bride was well prepared with her best kit for the wedding.   Were Manolo Blahnik sponsoring her team?  This isn’t fantasy football, but that ups the ante to a dream team for the bride.

San pedro Belize Wedding PhotographerShe made sure to have her best game face on for the day.

San pedro Belize Photographer WeddingShe seemed to be planning tactics well in advance.

Wedding Photography Ambergris Caye BelizeThe groom, not about to let his side down, worked on setting up distractions.

Destination Belize Wedding PhotographyIt didn’t take long before he scores!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wedding Photographer BelizeThe players get to relax a little at half time.

Belize wedding - Belize wedding PhotographerThen they grab a little refreshment before getting back into the game.

Belize Wedding Photography - San Pedro BelizeThe bride lines up nicely…

Ambergris Caye Wedding Photography…and it’s a perfect goal.  Right down the centre.  The groom didn’t stand a chance.  That Manolo Blahnik sponsorship truly paid off.

Wedding Photographer in Belize - San PedroIt’s not long though before the groom recovers with a great score.  Two-one to the groom at this stage.  They are both such strong teams, who knows how this will end.

Belize Wedding Photography - Ambergris CayeThe groom noses in for another sneaky shot.

Wedding Photography Belize Ambergris CayeBut he appears to have gone offside.

Belize Wedding Photographer San PedroThe groom is relentless. He tries again, coming up behind while her defenses are low…

Wedding Photography Belize…but at the very last minute, the bride scores a perfect goal right between the posts!  What an exciting match.  A match made in heaven for sure.  We officially call this one a draw.  Congratulations to our couple, who were great sports!

This footballtastic wedding was organised and hosted by the high scoring Matachica Resort.

Rain or Shine – Part 2. Shine – Belize Weddings

Belize Wedding Photographers“While sleeping in a hammock, with the touch of a warm wind, we remember why we are in love with the life.”  Mehmet Murat ildan

Welcome to part two of our Rain & Shine two part blog series.  It’s almost always sunny in Belize and that’s one of the reasons it’s such a happy and romantic place for weddings.  In fact, one of the most popular activities involves spending time in one of the many hammocks you’ll find attached to palm trees and cabanas all over the island.Wedding Belize Photography“Put your head on my shoulder
Whisper in my ear, baby
Words I want to hear
Tell me, tell me that you love me too. ”  Paul Anka

So in this blog, we will be sharing the many ways that this beautiful couple spent their wedding day enjoying the sunshine in Belize.Belize Destination Wedding - Photography in Belize“Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy
Sunshine in my eyes can make me cry
Sunshine on the water looks so lovely
Sunshine almost always makes me high”  John Denver

Walking hand and hand along one of the many long docks along the coast is a favourite pastime for those visiting Ambergris Caye.  While enjoying the sea breeze and views, if you look down into the clear blue waters of the Caribbean Sea below your feet, you might be lucky enough to spot some of the many tropical fish that inhabit the coral reef nearby.Destination Belize Wedding Photography - Mata Chica“The spaces between your fingers were meant to be filled with mine.”  Unknown Author

We felt obliged to give you a different perspective of walking down the dock so that you can see the reef that we are talking about.  The white breakers you see in the background is the sea popping over the Mesoamerican Reef.  Not to brag, but it is the largest barrier reef in the Northern Hemisphere and it is a World Heritage site.  Whether you love to dive, snorkel or simply dangle your toes into the water, you’ll definitely find Nemo here on a sunny day.Belize Wedding Photographers Conch Creative“This dame keeps dragging me into the bushes. Keep your eye open, you may have to rescue me.”  David O Selznick

You’ll find that on Ambergris Caye, despite being an atoll and almost a part of the Yucatan Peninsula, was once covered in coconut plantations.  This means the earth is very fertile and as such not only do the resorts have stunning and maturely planted grounds but we have an extensive rainforest wildlife reserve at the northern tip of the island.  Taking a stroll in our island ‘jungles’ in the sunshine can always prove to be an adventure.Wedding Photography in Belize“She is quick and curious and playful and strong.”  Kate Spade

You can’t stop yourself from having a playful and private moment in the warm sun.  It brings out the fun and romance in everyone.Belize Wedding Photography - Belize Photographer“Love unlocks doors and opens windows that weren’t even there before.”   Mignon McLaughlin.

When the sun gets a little bit too warm, a moment of solitude, with a glass of wine for a companion, knowing the love of your life is waiting for you, is all you need to feel refreshed.

Wedding Photographer - Belize Wedding - Photography“If waiting means being able to be with you, I’ll wait for as long as forever to be with you.”  Author Unknown

Knowing that your handsome groom is waiting for you can only be one of the best feelings in the world – especially when the sun is shining in paradise.Belize Wedding Photography Conch Creative“Marriage is a wonderful invention. Then again so is a bicycle repair kit.”  Billy Connolly

Ut oh.  He might not wait quite forever. Not when he has a shiny set of wheels.  Runaway groom!Wedding in Belize - Beach Belize Photography“I’ve got a bike. You can ride it if you like.
It’s got a basket, a bell that rings and
Things to make it look good.
I’d give it to you if I could, but I borrowed it.
You’re the kind of girl that fits in with my world.”  Pink Floyd

Phew, he couldn’t cycle quite so fast in the afternoon heat, not that he’d want to.  Riding one bike down the beach is one of the most fun two people can have on Ambergris Caye.Belize Wedding Photographer - Conch Creative Photography“May love and laughter light your days and warm your heart.”  Irish Proverb

There are simply so many ways to enjoy Belize, whether you are laughing together in the shade…Photographer Belize Weddings“Laughter is an instant vacation.'”  Milton Berle

…or in the sunshine.Destination Wedding Photography Belize“If we wait until we’re ready, we’ll be waiting for the rest of our lives.”  Lemony Snicket

Taking that leap of faith hand in hand is simply so much easier when the sky is blue, the sea is turquoise and the palms are swaying gently in the breeze.

Destination Wedding Photographer - Belize Wedding Photographer“Love is the master key that opens the gate of happiness”  Oliver Wendell Holmes

Rain or shine, there is no place quite as special, quite as magical, quite as mysterious, quite as romantic as beautiful Belize.  Come and see us sometime.

This wedding in the sun was hosted by the gorgeous Matachica Resort

Rain or Shine – Part 1. Rain – Belize Weddings

Belize Wedding Photography“The best thing one can do when it’s raining is to let it rain”  Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

It was bound to happen.  After over 200 weddings and bragging that it never rains at a Conch Creative wedding in Belize, we were tempting fate.  Our first wedding in the rain.  Want to know the most wonderful thing?  This darling couple didn’t care.  They were so in love and so excited about getting married that they said ‘rain or shine’ and they meant it.Destination Wedding Photography Belize“You astonish and amaze me, the way you can take a rainy day and make it glisten with diamonds”  Author Unknown

The rain didn’t change the rings. They were ready.Wedding Dress - Belize Wedding Photography” With you I’d dance in a storm with my best dress – fearless.”  Taylor Swift

The rain didn’t change the dress either.   It was ready too.Wedding Photographer Belize“Until the sun comes out again for you, my umbrella is big enough for two” Author Unknown

The groom, being ever so chivalrous, did get a little bit wet, but look at the smile on his face.

Belize Beach Wedding Photographer“Rain on the day you get married brings good luck.” – Old proverb

And so it began.  Our first rainy wedding.  Probably one of the most romantic we’ve ever had.Destination wedding in Belize - Photographer Belize“Tears of joy are like the summer raindrops pierced by sunbeams.”  Hosea Ballou

The tears of joy started to flow like raindrops.Wedding Photographer Belize - Belize Wedding“Tears are only water, and flowers, trees, and fruit cannot grow without water.”  Brian Jacques

But the groom was there to dry those tears.

Wedding Belize Photographer“Hold your sweetheart’s hand and walk in the rains while the clouds play cupid.”  Author Unknown

Rain or shine, they walked back up that aisle, officially married.Wedding in Belize“Kiss me in the rain, love me in the dark, hold me till the end, and never break my heart.”  Author Unknown

And so it was sealed with a kiss.Wedding Photography in Belize“Perhaps love is like a resting place, a shelter from the storm.”  John Denver

After the unique pleasure of a marriage in the tropical rains of Belize, it was time to relax, reconnect and dry out.Destination Belize Wedding Photographer“Every storm runs out of rain. Just like every dark night turns into day.” Gary Allan

As the darkness drew in and island became still, the couple considered venturing back out.Belize Wedding in the rain - Belize Photographer“‘If raindrops were kisses, I’d send you showers. If hugs were seas,I’d send you oceans. And if love was a person I’d send you me!”  Emily Bronte

Just when they thought the clouds had parted, the Maya Rain Gods of Belize decided to bless them just one more time.Destination Wedding Photographer Belize“Sharing one umbrella
We have to hold each other
Round the waist to keep together.
You ask me why I’m smiling –
It’s because I’m thinking
I want it to rain for ever.”  Vicky Feaver

Stay tuned for part two of this Rain & Shine blog.

This beautiful wedding in the rain was hosted by the gorgeous Matachica Resort

Step Through This Door to Paradise – Belize Weddings

Belize Wedding Mata ChicaThe beautiful paradise island of Ambergris Caye, Belize is known for a lot of things such as its friendly people, its amazing barrier reef, its beautiful Caribbean views, its great food and its gorgeous weather – but one thing people don’t often notice is the unique and stunning architecture that can be found in some of its private homes, villas and resorts. Belize has amazing hardwoods that have been used in building throughout its history and where you find hardwood, you will find craftsmen and women who know what to do with it.

Belize Wedding MatachicaBut all of those other things are Ambergris Caye too:  beaches, palm trees swaying in the wind, turquoise seas……sigh.

Belize WeddingsThe natural beauty of Ambergris Caye and the quiet serenity are also things that make this little island so special.  Imagine trying to get images like this at any other Caribbean resort island.  On Ambergris Caye, it is still possible to have a whole beach to yourselves and to relax in complete privacy – even though all of the beaches are public.

Belize WeddingsGetting back to the hardwood of Belize, we find that it always makes a wonderful backdrop and you find it everywhere you look – especially on doors and windows.

Belize Wedding MatachicaOK, let’s get back to the wedding stuff shall we?  Ambergris Caye is not only beautiful, but it also attracts beautiful people – both inside and out.  We loved working with this beautiful bride…

Belize Wedding Matachica…and her wonderful husband.  They had that special southern charm from the USA, which made our job an absolute pleasure. (Hi Ya’all – just practicing)   Oooh and just in case you didn’t notice – there’s that hardwood again!

Belize Wedding MatachcaOne of the magical things we know about Belize – because we work with so many couples who, get married here, is that people fall just a little bit more in love while they are here.

Belize Wedding MatachicaWe’re pretty sure it isn’t the beautiful hardwood and architecture – although spending time in a gorgeous environment helps.

Belize Photography MatachicaThere is just something in the air.  Something special.  Something romantic.  Something that makes you smile.

Belize Photography MatachicaSo, we heartily recommend that you follow this beautiful and very smart bride through this fabulous hardwood door – so that you can find that special ‘something’ in paradise too.

Belize Wedding MatachicaTrust us – we’re photographers!

This gorgeous wedding was hosted and organised by the beautiful Matachica Resort.

We hope you enjoyed this blog full of love, laughter, romance and hardwood.  These are all things that are authentically Belizean.  If you’d like to see some more of our work, we’d love you to check out the previews and sneak peeks we publish on our Facebook page.  Just click here.  Come and join us in paradise!

Fairy tales and Chandeliers – Belize Wedding

Ambergris Caye Wedding

Ambergris Caye WeddingAll weddings are special – they really are, but there is no doubt that some are like a fairy tale and this is one of them.

Ambergris Caye WeddingFirst there was the dress – fit for a princess

Ambergris Caye WeddingIt fit like a dream.

Ambergris Caye WeddingAs in all good fairy tales, there was indeed a Prince Charming (yes, they are both handsome, but the Prince in this story is the one on your left).

Ambergris Caye WeddingYou would think that these petals had been laid by hand, but as in all fairy tales, the trees conspired to provide a petal strewn aisle for the Princess Bride.   This is where the chandelier enters the story – carried lovingly to Belize by the couple as a centrepiece for their beautiful and unique wedding under a fabulous Flamboyant Tree.

Ambergris Caye WeddingThe vows were carried by the sea breeze and then ….

Ambergris Caye Wedding…it was time for the kiss.  With the chandelier, the tree, the petals, the Princess Bride and Prince Charming Groom and the colourful casita, this was a truly magical moment.

Ambergris Caye WeddingA very cute congratulations!

Ambergris Caye WeddingThat quiet moment when you know it’s finally real and you’re not kissing a frog but a very handsome prince indeed.

Ambergris Caye WeddingJust gorgeous. There isn’t much more that can be said.  True love, magic and passion.

Ambergris Caye WeddingNo fairy tale is complete without thatched cabanas.  Well, no tropical fairy tale anyway.

Ambergris Caye WeddingOoh is it almost that time yet?

Ambergris Caye WeddingTime for what?   Time for a kiss?

Ambergris Caye WeddingTime to listen to the wise words of a magical conch?

Ambergris Caye WeddingTime to look adorable and play in the sand?

Ambergris Caye WeddingNo of course not! It’s time for a traditional Belizean toast with a true Belizean tipple – Belikin Beer.  Didn’t you know that all fairy tales must have happy endings?

This beautiful fairy tale wedding was hosted by Matachica Resort.

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Barefoot Bliss – Belize Wedding

Belize WeddingSmall, intimate, barefoot weddings have a special appeal to couples getting married in Belize.  There is a certain appeal to sneaking away with the one you love, to a romantic tropical destination.  No worries or stress.  The day is all about the two of you and your commitment.

Belize photographerJust because a wedding is going to be simple and informal does not mean that there aren’t details that can add a touch of glamour and individuality to a barefoot, beach wedding in paradise.  How do those ladies stand on their high heels in the sand?

Wedding Belize

When there is just two of you, you don’t have to think about group photos,  making sure that Auntie’s hair looks OK in her photo, worrying that your cousin’s boyfriend is a bit drunk or fussing about whether the bridesmaid thinks she looks fat.  In fact, you can have your photos taken to suit your unique style.

Belize Wedding

When you have only yourselves to please you can really let down your hair, play, enjoy, be yourselves and totally relax.

Belize Weddings

Private, intimate, special, unique and relaxing.  For many brides, this is what it is all about.

Belize Photography

If you’re thinking of eloping or if you just want to share that special day with each other, there aren’t many places in the world that are more perfect than Belize.

This beautiful, intimate wedding was organised and hosted by Matachica Resort & Spa

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Another Great Belize Wedding – Whoops I Trashed the Groom!

If you’ve been following the Conch Creative blog, you’ll know that we love couples with character.   Because Belize weddings are so much fun, a great sense of humour combined with lots of love seems to be the recipe for the best wedding experience.  It also makes for some great photographs.  This beautiful bride looks so innocent and sweet.   And truly, she was absolutely lovely….

…she had immaculate taste.  Her colour choices resulted in the most stunning bouquet…

Her selection of outfits for her children were beyond adorable….

…though perhaps they weren’t as appreciated as they should have been…

….but they all looked mighty fine dressed up and seriously cute.

In fact, they all scrubbed up rather nicely.

Everything was perfect.

Even the weather was on our side.  It rained right up until the ceremony, leaving the sand wet enough that you could see the couple’s footprints as they walked up the dock.  You couldn’t fake this…well maybe you could..but we didn’t have to.

They were loving, romantic and did we mention sweet…..

..and everything was going oh, so well…

..until the groom got just a little bit pesky, and so the sweet and innocent looking bride..

..went right ahead and trashed her groom; oh yes she did!

If you don’t believe us, here is the evidence.

Once he was wet, the groom had no intention of being the only one to join in the fun…

But she is such a stunning bride that getting into the water only made her even more beautiful.

As with all fairytales, this one had a happy ending.  What a great couple, full of so much love for each other.  We were so happy we were there to share it with them.

This fabulous wedding was organised and hosted by the quite beautiful Matachica Resort & Spa.

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