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Barefoot Bliss – Belize Wedding

Belize WeddingSmall, intimate, barefoot weddings have a special appeal to couples getting married in Belize.  There is a certain appeal to sneaking away with the one you love, to a romantic tropical destination.  No worries or stress.  The day is all about the two of you and your commitment.

Belize photographerJust because a wedding is going to be simple and informal does not mean that there aren’t details that can add a touch of glamour and individuality to a barefoot, beach wedding in paradise.  How do those ladies stand on their high heels in the sand?

Wedding Belize

When there is just two of you, you don’t have to think about group photos,  making sure that Auntie’s hair looks OK in her photo, worrying that your cousin’s boyfriend is a bit drunk or fussing about whether the bridesmaid thinks she looks fat.  In fact, you can have your photos taken to suit your unique style.

Belize Wedding

When you have only yourselves to please you can really let down your hair, play, enjoy, be yourselves and totally relax.

Belize Weddings

Private, intimate, special, unique and relaxing.  For many brides, this is what it is all about.

Belize Photography

If you’re thinking of eloping or if you just want to share that special day with each other, there aren’t many places in the world that are more perfect than Belize.

This beautiful, intimate wedding was organised and hosted by Matachica Resort & Spa

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