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A Wedding in Belize

Conch Creative, as wedding photographers in Belize, feel obliged to finally offer up a blog wholly dedicated to a wedding in Belize.  We could think of no better event than Mary & Gabe’s wedding at Coco Beach Resort in San Pedro, organised by ‘I DO’ Belize Weddings.

So please join us as we take you through their fabulous and romantic day in paradise with a documentary photographic journey.  Here are some of our favourite images from the day.

Every wedding has rings – and some have a little more bling than others.  These rings were photographed on amethyst and quartz crystal with the stunning backdrop of the Caribbean Sea.  If you can see that line of foam in the distance, that is the Mesoamerican Reef – the largest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere, stretching over 724 kilometeres (450 miles) along the coast of Central America.  The fact that you can see the reef from the shoreline of Ambergris Caye and reach it by boat in less than 10 minutes, is one of the many things that makes our island jewel a unique Caribbean wedding destination.

Before any ceremony, there is a great deal of anticipation.  Something exciting is going to happen; something big and something that will leave everyone with lasting memories.  For children, this is an extra special time, filled with magic and mystery.  This is a picture of three of the children attending this family event, watching as the preparations on the beach below carry on in a flurry of activity.

In the background, the very cool musicians, who will be creating the true Caribbean ambiance are getting themselves in just the right mood for the celebrations ahead.

..and then, suddenly, before anyone realises – it’s that time.  This is the most nerve wracking moment, when everyone tries to keep their composure and remember exactly what they have to do.

This is where it will happen. Everyone is here, watching and waiting to share in the celebration and the union of the loving couple.  Emotions run high…

As the vows are read meaningfully and lovingly, it all gets too much and the tears flow.

The rings are no longer a prop, in a beautiful setting, but now important reminders that this is the real thing.  Signifying a binding and lasting commitment.

It all goes by in a blur and suddenly you’re no longer in that tense, emotional moment in front of your family and friends, but instead you are with them and celebrating together.

There can be no doubt that everyone is sharing the love….

…even the very youngest guests join in.

Afterwards, it’s important to have some quiet time – away from the guests – letting it all sink in and remembering what the day is truly all about.

Time, of course, to appreciate the beautiful setting, the sunshine and the cool Caribbean breeze.

Time to enjoy each other.

And finally, when the sun is setting, it’s time to join the party and celebrate in style.  Belize style.

Weddings in Belize are truly unique, special and wonderfully romantic experiences – whether you are eloping and having an intimate ceremony for two on an isolated beach, or having a big family wedding at one of our fabulous resorts – there aren’t many places in the world that will leave you with the sort of memories that beautiful, friendly, laid back and unspoiled Belize can.

Belize – the ultimate in destination wedding locations.

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Cake – Everyone loves a bit of cake!

Conch Creative loves cake and as wedding photographers we get to see some beautiful cakes.  So much effort is put into making these cakes tropical, fabulous and delicious.  Although we are usually pretty greedy when it comes to cake, we’ve decided to share some of our cakes with you.

These blue cupcakes were such an original and pretty treat for wedding guests.

A tropical cake in paradise.

This cute and romantic cake featured at one of the most colourful weddings Conch Creative has ever attended.

This beautiful cake was presented against such a gorgeous colour.  It really made the cake even more spectacular.

You may notice droplets on the window in this picture.  The lovely couple did not let the rain spoil their day and this cake decorated with fresh flowers and seashells kept everyone in the tropical wedding mood.

Conch Creative would like to thank the bakers and chefs who produced these edible pieces of art.  If you see your cake here and would like us to mention your name, just get in touch and we’d be happy to let everyone know that you were the cake’s creator.

Weddings are not all about grown ups you know!

We love weddings and feel privileged to be part of such an important event.  They are romantic and wonderful for the couple and as photographers, we do everything possible to make the photography experience fun and enjoyable.   When there are children involved, this is even more important.   Some kids are shy and some just love the attention, so we take our time and get to know them.  We have a lot of laughs along the way.

Waiting for Mum to be made beautiful can be a little bit boring, so why not have fun with the hairspray!

When we have a larger group of children it can be tricky to get them to all coordinate for a photographic moment.

Sometimes the children are so beyond cute that we just feel obliged to capture them in the moment.

This little cherub was a guest at a wedding at the fabulous Phoenix.

We were recently captured ourselves by local photographer Elbert Greer.  Elbert is known for his brilliant bird photography and Maya even contributed to his amazing book, Birdwatching with Bubba 2.5.   So here is a behind the scenes photograph as promised courtesy of Elbert himself.

This couple came to San Pedro and had their ceremony at the stunning Las Terrazas with their children and everyone had a great time even if the weather was rainy and uncooperative.  The jumping off the dock shot is a favourite for couples, probably because it seems meaningful, but more likely because it is so much fun doing it.

Not to be outdone, their adorable children ensured that they gave us fantastic photo opportunities.   This was taken inside the lovely O Restaurant at Las Terrazas after the rain had made us all take cover.

There is nothing like catching that magic opportunity when children do adorable and spontaneous things.

These two were cooling their heels on a hot day before a wedding at the beautiful Caribbean Villas.

Of course a flower girl has a big responsibility, but that doesn’t stop them from having some fun before it is time to do a very important job.

We’ve always wondered what secret they were sharing in this shot.  Looks a bit cheeky.

When duty called, she did her job like a real professional at this very romantic beach wedding.

She was a real princess.

So, as you can see, not all weddings are just about grown ups.  If you would like to see more of our work, please check out our Facebook page for our newest images.  To find out more about us, please have a look at our website, where we highlight all of the different sort of photographic work we do Conch Creative Website.