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That Amazing British Wedding (in Belize) – Belize Wedding Photography

Don’t tell us you haven’t heard about ‘THE’ wedding between a beautiful young woman and a handsome British man in uniform. Of course you have and we are beyond thrilled to tell you that it was in Belize.  Not only that, but you are one of the very lucky people, who will be able to get an insider’s perspective on this fabulous event through the eyes of Conch Creative.

That dress! That dress and a waterfall!

That hat and gloves! And sandals. What? Oh! Wait a minute. This wedding will be on the beach. Just a teaser for some cuteness to come. The groom did not wear sandals. God forbid! But, look out for the ring bearer.

Of course, for a ceremony of this magnitude, special arrangements have to made to ensure that there is nothing unsightly to spoil the beauty of this special day. Thank goodness for these hard working Belizeans who cleared the influx of sea grass from the beach. Gotta love them!

A special courier was employed to carry gifts and messages from the bride to the groom and from the groom to the bride. This special courier was, in fact, the photographer. Multi tasking!

Guess who nearly ruined her makeup?

Guess who’s lucky he wasn’t wearing any makeup.

Guess who got their very own gifts to assist with their own make up. Meet the Mums.

Mums are so important at weddings. They do things like this mother of the bride is doing here – ensuring that absent loved ones still get to participate in some of the festivities. Meet the bride’s dog.

More gifts to go round. Dad and the two best men.

Yes! You heard correctly. TWO best men. We did say that this was an extraordinary event.

Dad ensures that everything is as it should be with our handsome soldier’s dress uniform.

The Mums bond while leaving bridal details to the experts.

A blessing by both parents, while making sure that the surprise isn’t spoiled.

OMG! Hold on to your hats. (We hope you’re wearing a hat while you’re reading this. It’s only fitting.) It’s starting.

Like every wedding of this magnitude. Here come the parade of the real stars.

We’re not sure, but we’re thinking there may have been an imbalance in flowers in those baskets. That’s certainly what it looks like is going through the mind of one of these chiffon wrapped cuties.

Never mind because look who is arriving now. Where’s the Paparazzi when you need them?

This tiny star seemed to have been accompanied by a minder to make sure he fulfilled his duties and delivered the rings perfectly. Way to represent little fella!

And here she comes! We’ve all been waiting. No! Don’t cry yet.

Too late. He’s already there. If you haven’t already fetched your hankies, now would be an appropriate time.

This is how they greeted each other. *sniff* *sniff*

It was a perfect day. Even in tropical Belize, the day was just more perfect than most. It had to be.

And the crowd goes wild!

Now she has a hat. But just for a moment, check out that bouquet. British roses. Could this get any better?

You know it will. We have to admit that even after hundreds of weddings in Belize, the photographer was blown away by this one.

Unfortunately, not everyone was on board though.

Right now, the order of the day is to get legal.

We don’t normally post group shots, but look at them. How could we not share this with you?

A Belizean throne for a little sit down.

Romantic photo time. The secret waterfall of San Pedro. Oh yes.

That secret waterfall is located in the secret jungle.

From beach to mysterious and magical. Absolutely fitting for such a day.

Yes. This really happened. He washed her feet. He did. Hang on while we swoon.

In typical San Pedro style, off they go in their Belizean limo. ‘But why’? We hear you declare. ‘Where are they going? Don’t let this day end!’ you implore.

But there’s cake. They must go to their cake. And so…

…we leave you with this last, photo, just to remind you of this day, this blog, this wedding and this amazing British wedding in Belize. Like you’d even forget.


This gorgeous wedding was organised and hosted by Xanadu Island Resort

Sun+Sea+Sand+Celebration = Perfect Destination Wedding – Belize Wedding

Trash the Dress Wedding Photographer in BelizeTwo questions that we encounter frequently as destination wedding photographers in Belize – 1. Why do people have destination weddings? and 2. Why do people come to Belize for destination weddings?  Even if those questions have never occurred to you before, we bet they are now stuck in your mind. Thank goodness Conch Creative is here to answer those very important questions.

Destination Wedding In Belize _ Belize PhotographyPeople have destination weddings for all sorts of reasons, but in our experience, the most common is so that they and their loved ones can truly relax and let their hair down..or in this case, maybe relaxing a little bit too much, while the bride watches one of her bridesmaids having her hair put up.  Sorry to be confusing.  But the point is that destination wedding couples do not want the stress and drama that can come with a traditional wedding at home.

Belize Wedding Photographer - Belize Beach WeddingWhat could be more fun and relaxing than a barefoot wedding on a sandy beach, overlooking the Caribbean?

Belize Destination Wedding PhotographyYou don’t have to worry about whether or not you’ll get blisters because the only thing on your feet will be sand, and in the case of fashionable barefoot brides, some very pretty jewelry.

Belize Wedding PlacenciaIn the interest of not being sexist, we feel obliged to point out that the men had very nice jewelry too.

Beach Wedding Belize PhotographyNow for question number 2.  Why Belize?  Well first of all, you can’t get Belizean Belikin beer anywhere else.  Even if you could, we believe that it couldn’t possibly taste the same drunk anywhere but Belize.

Wedding Belize - Photographer BelizeWhile we wouldn’t want to be accused of misleading anyone, we are also of the understanding (as reported to us by our couples) that cake also tastes better in Belize.  Yes, we realise this may be quite unbelievable, but apparently it’s true.

Wedding Photographer in Belize - Beach Wedding PlacenciaTruly though, what other things make Belize such a perfect place for a destination wedding?  What many people don’t know is that Belize, unlike many other destinations, has kept all of its beaches public.  So, you have access to miles and miles of beautiful, natural and untouched Caribbean coastline.

Destination Belize Wedding PhotographerPeople in Belize are friendly and welcoming to visitors.  You can find yourself a sunny spot and just relax and no one will bother you – except that pesky photographer, who keeps following you everywhere.

Wedding Photographer BelizeBecause Belize has such a small population, you can kiss on the beach in the daytime and never have an audience – except that photographer again!

Belize Wedding Photographer - Belize WeddingYou can also kiss on the beach at night, in the glowing light of tiki torches, which miraculously appear whenever there is a wedding.

Destination Wedding Photographer BelizeDid you know that Belize makes you love each other more?  It’s a well documented fact supported by studies conducted by Conch Creative.

Trash the Dress Photography BelizeYou may think we’re joking.  But we’re not.  Belize does affect people in very different ways.  People who appear perfectly normal in the beautiful sunrise…

Wedding Photography  - Trash the Dress Belize…suddenly find themselves leaping into the air for no obvious reason.

Belize Destination Wedding Trash the DressAnother example is that one minute a couple will be standing, romantically, with the water flowing around their toes..and then before you know it….

Trash the Dress in Belize Photographer…they are soaking wet and frolicking like young lambs in the sea.  Maybe not like lambs.  Lambs don’t often go in the sea. Maybe more like young dolphins or fish or sea horses.

Trash the Dress - Belize - Wedding PhotographerSo while we wholeheartedly recommend destination beach weddings in Belize, we now have given you fair warning.  When in Belize, you may just find yourselves having far too much fun.

Wedding Photography in BelizeSo ‘reflect’ (get it ..reflect..hahaha…never mind) carefully on your decision.  Because…..

Trash the Dress Wedding Photography in Belize…no one could ever possibly want this much fun at their wedding, now, would they?

Conch Creative would like to thank the magic of Belize for making this wedding super special.

This beautiful and fun wedding in Placencia was organised by Lee Nyhus of Placencia Weddings and hosted by Coco Plum Villas

PSA- If you want a stressful wedding and no fun at all, do not come to Belize

The Chapel of Love – Belize Weddings

Belize Wedding Photographer - Belize Wedding PhotographyWhen we take candid photos of our couples, enjoying the breathtaking scenery of Belize, we often wonder to ourselves ‘what are they talking about?’  In this case we think we can guess because it certainly was an eventful day for them and for us and it all started in a the tiny little Catholic church in San Pedro Town, the only town on our beautiful island of Ambergris Caye.

Wedding in Belize - San Pedro Wedding Photographer copyThis was a first for us.  We’ve done hundreds of weddings in Belize, but because most destination weddings are on the beach, we had never had the experience of a church wedding.  So we were intrigued and excited.  We also learned a lot about traditions.  For example, we had no idea that the priest would require private time with the bride and groom before the ceremony to counsel them.  I don’t think they had any idea either, but rules are rules and if you want to get married in the church, you have to follow them.

Wedding in Belize PhotographerIt all seemed a bit overwhelming at times.

Belize Wedding - Photographer in BelizeThere are special rituals that are part of a church wedding.   And of course there is simply the cuteness of a small church on a tiny Caribbean island off the coast of Belize.

Belize Wedding - Ambergris Caye wedding photographerThere’s no doubt that it was all worth it and that it made this loving couple feel so special.

Belize Wedding - Belize Wedding PhotographerDon’t think for a minute that just because this couple opted for a church wedding that they aren’t up for some serious fun. Now’s the time to party on the beach!

Wedding Belize PhotographerAfter sharing some refreshments with loved ones, we whisked away our happy, newlyweds to enjoy the beautiful scenery they came to Belize for.

Belize Wedding Photographer - conch creativeThe spectacular view towards the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef.

Belize Wedding PhotographerThe sandy paths and palm trees that make Ambergris Caye so uniquely natural.

Wedding Photography X'Tan Xa BelizeThe quirky variety of docks over the turquoise sea, which are all public and available to explore.

Belize Destination Wedding PhotographerMeanwhile, it looked like things were getting all set up on the beach and ready for some serious celebrations.

Belize Wedding Photography - Wedding BelizeBut they still had some time to enjoy each other.

Wedding Photography BelizeFinally, as the light faded and the skies became moody it was time to return.

Belize Wedding PhotographyWaiting for them was an absolutely gorgeous dinner setting  to enjoy with their guests, who all loved them so much they had come all this way.

Belize Wedding Photographer - Destination Wedding BelizeIt couldn’t have been more perfect.

Belize Destination Wedding PhotographyThis is what every couple dreams of doing on the evening of their destination wedding in Belize.  What a day! What a party! What a location!  And to think it all started that morning in a little chapel of love.

This wonderful wedding that started in the Church but ended on the beach was organised by the gorgeous X’ Tan Ha Resort

Magical Moments – Belize Weddings

Destination Belize Wedding PhotographyThere are some places in the world that are simply unique.  They have a sort of magic and mystery to them, where sometimes, time seems to stand still and for that moment, everything is simply perfect.  Belize is one of those places and that’s why it is so popular as a place for small intimate destination weddings.  Join us as we share some of that magic with you.

Wedding in Belize Photographer - Belize Wedding PhotographyFlowers that look like they’ve popped out of a romantic old painting.

Destination Wedding Photographer in BelizeA dress that’s fit for a princess.

Wedding in Belize - Photographer BelizeA cake with details that look like they were created by faeries.

Belize Wedding PhotographyAnd floating rings…….Whoa!  Wait a minute!  Floating rings?  Is this real magic or is it Photoshop?   It’s neither.   This certainly was created with some good old fashioned trickery but we can assure you that the rings were most definitely in the sea and those are real fish and they were all really there together.  No Photoshop or any sort of digital photographic manipulation required.  But like all good magicians, our secrets must remain secret.

Wedding Photographer in BelizeRomantico!  And we all know that true romance is is in itself a magical thing.

Belize Wedding Photography - Photography in BelizeAs if appearing out of an enchanted forest, here comes the beautiful bride.

Wedding Photographer Belize - Wedding Photography in BelizeA very dashing, handsome, dark and mysterious groom completes the picture perfectly.

Belize Destination Wedding PhotographerThey seem enchanted, as if their love might just fly them away.

Belize Wedding PhotographerThey tiptoe through paradise, apparently spell bound by the beauty of their surroundings.

Belize Wedding Photographer - Belize Wedding PhotographyCaptivated, they take a moment to gaze into each others’ eyes.

Belize Wedding Photographer - Wedding in BelizeUntil the magic of Belize descends upon them, casting a spell that will make this a day they will never forget.

This magical wedding was hosted upon a beautiful private island at Cayo Espanto

Pretty in Pink (and it’s not who you think!) – Belize Weddings

Belize Wedding Photographer

Every couple does it differently and this is one of the things that makes our work as wedding photographers in Belize so interesting and fun.  Some couples come to Belize to elope, to get away from it all and enjoy a small and intimate wedding on the beach.  Other couples plan a big party and think out all the details.  This wedding was thoroughly planned, with much excitement, good taste and love and we are so pleased that we are able to share it with you.

Belize Wedding Photography - Conch Creative PhotographyFrom the hanger for the dress…

Destination Wedding Belize Photographer…to the bouquets and bridesmaids.

Belize Wedding - Photography Ramon's Village - Ambergris CayeThe table settings…

Belize Wedding - Photography Belize…and even the Thank You card for afterwards.  Everything was meticulously organised.  Now some of you may think this would all be a lot of work, but what we’ve found is that the brides who plan and organise in advance, particularly if they have guests, have the most stress free wedding.  This is because once it’s done, they don’t have to think about another thing.  They can just go with the flow on the day and enjoy the party.  Let us show you exactly how that went.

Belize Weddding Photography - The Phoenix San PedroThe boys, as always, remain in their underwear until the last possible minute.

Wedding in Belize - Belize PhotographerMeanwhile, the flower girl takes charge in the ladies’ dressing area…

Belize Wedding Photography - Destination Belize Wedding…ensuring that everything meets her strict specifications.

Wedding Photography BelizeBecause no matter how hard the bride tries to do it herself…

Belize Photographer - Weddings in Belize…she can always do with a little bit of help.

Belize Wedding Photographer - Belize PhotographerAnd there is nothing like that moment…

Belize Wedding - San Pedro Photographer…when things are about to get real.

Belize Wedding PhotographyTrue to form, the guys are almost dressed.

Wedding Photographer BelizeDon’t forget those rings!

Belize Destination Wedding PhotographerAnd finally, it’s sealed with a kiss.

Destination Belize Wedding Photographer Conch CreativeNo, seriously..did we really do it?

Desination Belize Wedding PhotographerIt appears that you did.

Destination Wedding Belize - Wedding Photographer BelizeWell, in that case…

Wedding in Belize - Destination Wedding Photographer…it’s time to celebrate!

Wedding Photographer Belize -  Destination Wedding BelizeFirst, it’s time for some romance.

Destination Wedding Photography BelizeThis is your special day and you should feel like rock stars!

Wedding Photographer in BelizeYour own yacht for the day.

Belize Wedding Photography -  Belize WeddingAnd today, the sun sets just for you.

Wedding Belize - Destination Belize Wedding PhotographerAll your loved ones have come all this way.

Wedding Belize - Belizean PhotographerDance.

Wedding Belize Photography - Ramon's Village - San PedroEat cake.

Wedding Photography in Belize, Ambergris Caye Wedding PhotographerHula.

Belize Destination Wedding PhotographyParty the night away.  For tomorrow it will seem like just a dream.

This fabulous wedding was hosted by the beautiful Ramon’s Village Resort


Sweetness and Delight – Belize Weddings

Belize Wedding PhotographyIf you know Conch Creative, you know that we specialise in beautiful, barefoot, beach weddings in Belize.  We work with a lot of amazing couples and in the most fabulous locations, but every so often a couple comes along who are just so sweet with the way they express their love for each other and their sheer delight about their wedding that we end up saying ‘Awwww.  Aren’t they adorable?’  when we look through their photos. This is one of those couples.

Coco Beach Wedding Photography - Belize WeddingOur lovely bride in the build up to the big moment couldn’t hide her excitement.Belize Wedding - Belikin Beer

While the groom was being well looked after by his groomsmen… Belize Wedding Photography - Belize Wedding Photographer

..the bride, surrounded by sentimental and fabulous items, was being similarly well attended to

Wedding Photography Belize - Coco Beach Beach WeddingThe dress just hung around waiting for the bride…

Destination Wedding Photography in Belize…as did the groom.
Beach Wedding Belize PhotographerEverything came together as planned and you could see the bride’s absolute delight as her loving family guided her down a sandy, palm lined aisle towards her future.Wedding Photography BelizeWow! Does their future look bright!  We’re guessing it will be full of love, kisses, cuddles, adoration, fun and cake. Never forget the cake.  Let’s follow them for a while in only the way photographers can (otherwise you’d be stalkers) and find out.Wedding Photography Belize - Beach WeddingLooks like we were on the money with love.Belize Wedding Photography - Wedding in BelizeCertainly is plenty of kissing going on too.Beach Wedding Belize PhotographyOooh. There you go!  We weren’t wrong about the cuddles either.Belize Wedding Photographer - Wedding BelizeOK.  We admit it. We didn’t predict the workers on bicycles, so let’s get back to the love and adoration bit.Belize Wedding PhotographerThere’s certainly some love happening here.Belize Wedding Photography - Belize Wedding Photographer Conch CreativeYou can’t hide that adoration from us either.Wedding Photographer in BelizeJust in time for the requisite artistic pose before….Belize Wedding Destination Photographer..the fun starts for the groom…Destination Belize Wedding Photography…and the bride.Belize Wedding Cake - Belize Wedding PhotographyBut finally, not metaphorically at all, the icing on the cake.

This super fun and love filled wedding was hosted by the beautiful Coco Beach Resort

When a Groom Takes the Cake – Belize Weddings

Belize Destination PhotographerThis is the beautiful bride who inspired …

Wedding Photographer in Belize…this handsome groom to spend months…

Belize Wedding Photographer

…working on this.  A handmade creation, but ‘what is it?’ we hear you say.

Belize Wedding - Wedding Photographer in BelizeWell, while the groom was busy ‘creating’, the bride was busy getting beautified.

Belize Destination Photographer

There’s no doubt that the beautifying worked its magic.

Belize Wedding - Wedding Photographer in BelizeMeanwhile, construction continued.  What on earth is it?

Belize Wedding PhotographerThe bride’s limo awaited.

Belize Wedding PhotographerThe proud father of the bride escorts his daughter to the ceremony in typical San Pedro style.

Belize Destination Wedding Photography - Wedding in BelizeOnce legal, the bride and groom quickly headed off for some romance.

Belize Destination Wedding Photography - Wedding in BelizeSnuggles on the dock.

Destination Wedding Photographer in BelizeSome roughhousing on the sea wall.

Destination Wedding Photographer in BelizeA bit of time enjoying the luxuries of a Caribbean wedding….

Belize Wedding Photographer…and waiting for that perfect sunset moment.

Trash the Dress - Belize Wedding PhotographyWhen it all gets just a bit too much, it’s time to jump into that clear, warm water…oh my….hey! But wait a minute….what ever happened to the amazing creation that the groom was building.

Belize Destination Wedding Photography - Wedding in Belize

Ta Da!  After months of painstaking work by the groom, hand making every piece of this creation, we hereby award him with the official Conch Creative ‘The Groom Takes the Cake Award’.  Oh what a grand cake stand it was.

This beautiful wedding was held at the gorgeous Casa Redonda, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

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Brides, Bare Feet and Bikinis in Belize – Belize Weddings

Ambergris Caye Wedding

Ambergris Caye WeddingPeople who get married in Belize are often of an adventurous spirit.   They want to do something amazing, beautiful and exotic.  While we love our conventional couples, we truly love working with those who do something different and personal.   This couple did just that.  They completely personalised their Belize wedding experience by doing it a little bit local, bringing a bit of their own style with them and then just throwing caution to the wind and being themselves.   Sand ceremonies are something that allows the couple to take home a bit of Belize with them and allow all of their loved ones to participate.

Ambergris Caye WeddingBringing something of your own culture with you to Belize also helps to make a wedding truly unique and memorable.

Ambergris Caye WeddingDetails can add so much to the ambiance of a wedding celebration, so sometimes bringing down that extra suitcase with some personal touches makes all the difference.

Ambergris Caye Wedding

Combining some tropical, exotic flowers with glamorous silverware can truly turn an event into something unique.

Ambergris Caye WeddingBeautiful smiles ensure that even though every detail is perfect, the celebration will be a success.

Ambergris Caye WeddingAdd a magnificent sunset..

Ambergris Caye Wedding…and some local scenery and you have the perfect recipe for a very special day.  But what do you do afterwards?

Oh my!  That’s right.  It’s time to throw off the formalities and get a bit sexy – because now it’s the honeymoon.

Ambergris Caye HoneymoonThe honeymoon is less about details and more about fun …and a bit of sauciness too!  What better way to surprise your new husband.

Ambergris Caye Honeymoon

We see no complaints from this one.

Ambergris Caye HoneymoonOK we did have to include just one last completely gratuitous photo of this quite stunning bride in her bikini.  We wish this extremely happy couple all the very best for the future.  They were so very much in love.

This beautiful wedding was hosted by the gorgeous Las Terrazas Resort.

The couple went on to have their honeymoon and honeymoon shoot at the fabulous Victoria House.

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Let them eat cake …or seaweed – Belize Weddings

Belize wedding cakeWe do have some amazing cakes here in Belize, but this one was made even more special by one incredibly creative bride, who hand made these seashells, all of which were deliciously edible.  It appears that her adorable bridesmaid and ring bearer were jumping for joy at the thought of their upcoming sugar high.

Belize weddingSugar was not a necessary ingredient though when you consider the sweetness content of this adorable photo.

Belize Wedding

They were captivated by the beautiful and romantic beach ceremony.

Belize weddingWe were captivated by the bride’s amazing hot pink corset ribbon. Fabulous.

Belize WeddingWe also must remember that our job as wedding photographers in Belize is not to spread rumours about seaweed being an aphrodisiac.

Belize WeddingThankfully, any side effects caused by eating too much cake and seaweed (or was it the rum?) can be easily counteracted with plenty of water.

Belize wedding..Of course we don’t blog every single Belize wedding that we photograph. If only we had the time, but sometimes we do a very small intimate session with a couple and feel compelled to share some of our favourite images. So, in this blog, you’ll be getting a bit extra on top.  Luckily for this very pretty bride, we have our own ‘props’ department.  This bouquet came from flowers from our very own garden.   We must say that she was a very pretty bride.

Belize weddingAnd she had a very handsome groom but…

Belize Wedding…ultimately it is ALWAYS about the bride.

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The first wedding on this page was hosted by the beautiful Captain Morgan’s Retreat.

The second wedding was held at The Villas at Banyan Bay, who kindly allowed the couple to use their gorgeous dock for the ceremony even though they weren’t guests at the resort, which in our opinion rocks!

Maya Papovic, Conch Creative photographer, is a member of the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers.

Hanging Around in Paradise Part 1 – Belize Weddings

Belize WeddingsWeddings in Belize come in all shapes and sizes.  Some are on Maya ruins, some in the jungle and many on the beaches.  This wedding was held on Caye Caulker, the smaller, but beautiful sister island to Ambergris Caye.

Weddings BelizeAnd so our epic Belize wedding tale begins.  The guys were looking incredibly dapper.

Photography Belize

The location was spectacular.

Belize photographyThe couple were truly in love.

Belize WeddingThe wedding party were a bit cheeky.

Belize PhotographyThe guests were ready to celebrate and party!

Belize photographySo, why not get the party started right?

Belize photographer Caye CaulkerOn ‘Go Slow’ Caye Caulker, there is always plenty of time to hang around.

Belize photographyThen again, going back to the bar might be a good idea too.

Belize weddingsDon’t forget the cake!

Belize WeddingBefore you know it, the day is over…..but is the adventure?

Stay tuned for part 2 of this fabulous wedding adventure in Belize.

This beautiful Caye Caulker wedding was hosted by Seaside Cabanas.

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Last night I dreamt of San Pedro ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ – Belize Weddings

Belize photographer

There has long been a myth that Madonna was inspired to write the song ‘La Isla Bonita’ following a visit to our beautiful Caribbean jewel, Ambergris Caye, Belize.   Given that Madonna didn’t write the song at all, doesn’t dampen the popularity of this story – and why not?  If Madonna had come to Belize there’s no doubt she would have been inspired to write a fun and memorable love song.

Wedding Belize

Everywhere you look, it is like a perfect picture.  So it is hardly surprising that even if Madonna didn’t come to Belize, many celebrities have.   Some have become part of the landscape of Belize like Francis Ford Coppola, who owns two stunning resorts and Leonardo di Caprio who owns a whole island!

Belize wedding photography

Belize has its whimsical and fun side too.  That’s probably why one of the first reality TV game shows was filmed in San Pedro.  You may remember it – Tempation Island.  If not, you’ll most certainly know about a very popular reality TV game show, The Bachelor, which filmed one of it’s most popular episodes here on Ambergris Caye.  So, popular in fact that Ellen Degeneres produced her own comedy skit on the episode, which is so funny we have to give you the link here.

Belize photography

Of course, as wedding photographers, we treat all of our couples like celebrities.

belize photography

Have you ever wondered, just for a moment, what it might feel like to have your own personal paparazzi?Belize Wedding

Get married in Belize.

You’ll feel like a superstar!

This wedding was organised and hosted by the beautiful La Perla Del Caribe

Tropical Love – Belize Weddings

There is just something about Belize.  It is hard to put a finger on it, but there is always love in the air.  Couples come to Belize and fall in love with each other all over again while also falling in love with this beautiful country.

Wedding Belize

With miles of stunning tropical coastline, Ambergris Caye, Belize is becoming one of those places that those ‘in the know’ are choosing for their destination wedding.

Belize photography

Belize definitely has that something special going on because you can combine the traditional….

Belize photography…with the tropical.

Wedding Belize

You can enjoy quiet beaches and romantic sea scapes…

Belize wedding…or play around in a golf cart with your Maid of Honour.

Photography BelizeYou can make shadows in the shade of a Bougainvillea…

Photography Belize…or wrap your arms around each other and dance on a dock.

wedding belizeThere’s nothing quite like the magic of Belize.  Come to Ambergris Caye and fall in love again.

If you’re thinking of getting married in Belize, you might wish to read a new article that we have written, which has been published on .   It will answer a lot of the questions you’ll have about getting married on Ambergris Caye.

Detailed information on getting married on Ambergris Caye

This wedding was organised by ‘I DO’ Belize Weddings and was hosted by the beautiful Capt Morgan’s Retreat

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A Wedding in Belize

Conch Creative, as wedding photographers in Belize, feel obliged to finally offer up a blog wholly dedicated to a wedding in Belize.  We could think of no better event than Mary & Gabe’s wedding at Coco Beach Resort in San Pedro, organised by ‘I DO’ Belize Weddings.

So please join us as we take you through their fabulous and romantic day in paradise with a documentary photographic journey.  Here are some of our favourite images from the day.

Every wedding has rings – and some have a little more bling than others.  These rings were photographed on amethyst and quartz crystal with the stunning backdrop of the Caribbean Sea.  If you can see that line of foam in the distance, that is the Mesoamerican Reef – the largest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere, stretching over 724 kilometeres (450 miles) along the coast of Central America.  The fact that you can see the reef from the shoreline of Ambergris Caye and reach it by boat in less than 10 minutes, is one of the many things that makes our island jewel a unique Caribbean wedding destination.

Before any ceremony, there is a great deal of anticipation.  Something exciting is going to happen; something big and something that will leave everyone with lasting memories.  For children, this is an extra special time, filled with magic and mystery.  This is a picture of three of the children attending this family event, watching as the preparations on the beach below carry on in a flurry of activity.

In the background, the very cool musicians, who will be creating the true Caribbean ambiance are getting themselves in just the right mood for the celebrations ahead.

..and then, suddenly, before anyone realises – it’s that time.  This is the most nerve wracking moment, when everyone tries to keep their composure and remember exactly what they have to do.

This is where it will happen. Everyone is here, watching and waiting to share in the celebration and the union of the loving couple.  Emotions run high…

As the vows are read meaningfully and lovingly, it all gets too much and the tears flow.

The rings are no longer a prop, in a beautiful setting, but now important reminders that this is the real thing.  Signifying a binding and lasting commitment.

It all goes by in a blur and suddenly you’re no longer in that tense, emotional moment in front of your family and friends, but instead you are with them and celebrating together.

There can be no doubt that everyone is sharing the love….

…even the very youngest guests join in.

Afterwards, it’s important to have some quiet time – away from the guests – letting it all sink in and remembering what the day is truly all about.

Time, of course, to appreciate the beautiful setting, the sunshine and the cool Caribbean breeze.

Time to enjoy each other.

And finally, when the sun is setting, it’s time to join the party and celebrate in style.  Belize style.

Weddings in Belize are truly unique, special and wonderfully romantic experiences – whether you are eloping and having an intimate ceremony for two on an isolated beach, or having a big family wedding at one of our fabulous resorts – there aren’t many places in the world that will leave you with the sort of memories that beautiful, friendly, laid back and unspoiled Belize can.

Belize – the ultimate in destination wedding locations.

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A Date to Remember 10/10/10

At Conch Creative we love meeting couples from all over the world, who come to Ambergris Caye – our jewel in the Caribbean Sea – to pledge their love  on tropical beaches.  For many couples, this is a once in a lifetime event, for others – well – they might have practised once or twice previously.

One of our couples married, here in Belize,  for the second time after being apart for over ten years.  The romance of each and every ceremony is always unique and we just feel so honoured to be able to be part of such an important event in people’s lives.

That is why Conch Creative will be sharing some of our favourite moments from weddings with you on this blog, so that you get the chance to share in the magic that we are so lucky to experience as part of our work.

The 10th of October this year was a big day for weddings in San Pedro.  We heard of at least 10 weddings that day.  At Conch Creative, we have a strict policy of only shooting one wedding per day so that we can devote our attention to our couple, so we were delighted to be part of Peri and Bob’s wedding at Ramon’s Village.

Often we are the only guests at romantic and intimate ceremonies and so our duties can be varied.  One of our jobs this time was to keep a very nervous and excited groom busy, while his beautiful bride prepared.  We suggested this uniquely tropical way of announcing their special and memorable date.

We left Bob unattended briefly so that we could focus on Peri’s preparations and he managed a sneak peek.  Luckily we were right there to catch him being a cheeky groom to be.

Peri & Bob had originally wanted to have sunset photographs, but we explained that the sun sets on the other side of the island.  The only solution was to get a golf cart and take them for a spin to the other side before the sun set.  The ever helpful crew at Ramon’s Village were kind enough to prepare a golf cart suitably for their journey.

….and off we went.  Luckily there are two of us at Conch Creative so one could drive and the other could run behind to take pictures.

We couldn’t think of a more unusual setting for wedding photography.  For those of you familiar with San Pedro, you will recognise this as the ‘croc pond’.  This is an area where historically there had been illegal feeding of the endangered American Crocodile, but even now there are a lot of crocs just hangin’ around.  While we were there, Peri and Bob were lucky enough to see two of these amazing animals.  Now that really is a day to remember!

Just in case you haven’t seen an American Crocodile up close and personal, we thought we’d end this blog with this image taken by Conch Creative at ACES Crocodile Sanctuary in Punta Gorda, Belize.  **


** To find out more about the endangered American Crocodile in Belize, please check out the ACES website


































Groups – The Art of Herding Cats

Photographing groups at weddings can be an art form in itself.  First you have to catch them while they are still upright. It’s great if they are a little bit merry, but as the party progresses, things can get a bit messy.  One of the lovely gentlemen in this shot fell out of the tree three times before giving up.

Of course Conch Creative is known for their fun and playful approach to wedding photography and understands that a wedding celebration should be a party! So, we encourage our groups to let their hair down and …well…climb all over each other.

…because we believe that is how you capture memories that you really will want to share with your family and friends and that will make you smile for years to come.

Sometimes even when we do slightly more traditional group shots, the architecture can be an inspiration.

Or sometimes the the beautiful scenery can create opportunities for unique and special group photographs.

Conch Creative believes that the couple should be the centre of attention on their special day, so we don’t always insist that groups look at the camera.

Ultimately, the most important thing is that everyone in the group looks relaxed and happy and Conch Creative will go to any lengths to make sure that happens!

Cake – Everyone loves a bit of cake!

Conch Creative loves cake and as wedding photographers we get to see some beautiful cakes.  So much effort is put into making these cakes tropical, fabulous and delicious.  Although we are usually pretty greedy when it comes to cake, we’ve decided to share some of our cakes with you.

These blue cupcakes were such an original and pretty treat for wedding guests.

A tropical cake in paradise.

This cute and romantic cake featured at one of the most colourful weddings Conch Creative has ever attended.

This beautiful cake was presented against such a gorgeous colour.  It really made the cake even more spectacular.

You may notice droplets on the window in this picture.  The lovely couple did not let the rain spoil their day and this cake decorated with fresh flowers and seashells kept everyone in the tropical wedding mood.

Conch Creative would like to thank the bakers and chefs who produced these edible pieces of art.  If you see your cake here and would like us to mention your name, just get in touch and we’d be happy to let everyone know that you were the cake’s creator.