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Love, Laughter, Tears and Moonshine – Belize Wedding

Belize Wedding Photography - Belize Wedding

Sometimes a wedding is so full of emotion, even as wedding photographers, who work with hundreds of couples, it can be hard to hold it together. This is one of those weddings.

Belize PhotographerAs always, we start with a beautiful bride.

Belize Destination Wedding PhotographerBrides are lucky.  They always have help at hand to make sure that everything looks and fits perfectly.

Belize-Wedding-Photography-in-BelizeGuys generally manage to get dressed on their own.

Destination Wedding Photographer in Belize - Photography Belize

But when you have a garment like this, with all it’s buttons and ties and you want  to make it look like

Destination Wedding Photographer in Belize - photography..this.  Well then it’s fair that a little bit of assistance is provided.

Belize Destination Wedding PhotographerDuring the ceremony, as promised, there was plenty of laughter.

Belize PhotographerThere were also heartfelt tears.

Photography in BelizeThen there was more laughter.

Belize Destination Wedding PhotographerWhile the sun still shone, the couple took a stroll on the dock.

Belize Destination Wedding PhotographerThey hung out.

Belize Destination  Wedding PhotographerThey relaxed and enjoyed the view.

Belize Destination Wedding PhotographerThey lounged around in each other’s arms.

Belize Destination Wedding PhotographerAs the moon rose, they knew it was time to head off to party with their loved ones.

Belize Destination Wedding PhotographerTheir limousine was awaiting.

Belize Destination  Wedding PhotographerThey’ll never forget the moonshine in San Pedro.

This gorgeous wedding was hosted and organised by Grand Caribe Belize.

2 responses

  1. Andrea

    Fabulous photos! Takes my breath away, WOW!

    July 11, 2013 at 4:58 pm

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