Belize Weddings in Paradise

La Isla Bonita Love Story – Belize Wedding

Destination Wedding Photographer in Belize - Photography BelizePlease allow us to introduce you to the headlining stars of this love story.  Ambergris Caye Wedding - Photographer BelizeAnd here are their chairs.

Wedding Photography in BelizeThey spent a lot of time thinking about important details.  Props such as sensational shoes…

Belize Destination Wedding Photographer…party favours…

Belize Wedding - Wedding Photographer in Belize…and  an enthusiastic and entertaining cast of extras.

Belize Destination Wedding PhotographerSo, let’s introduce you to ‘supporting’ cast.

Ambergris Caye Wedding - Photographer BelizeMeet the guys.

Belize Wedding at Las Terrazas Ambergris CayeMeet the girls.Belize Destination Wedding PhotographerMeet the guys again.Belize Destination Wedding PhotographerFinally, the co stars – the cherubs.Ambergris Caye Wedding - Photographer Belize - Las TerrazasBefore the opening scene, the groom had no idea how the script would play out.

Belize Wedding - Wedding Photographer in BelizeAnd then the co-stars made their grand entrance.

Ambergris Caye Wedding - Photographer BelizeThe rings were exchanged.Ambergris Caye Wedding - Photographer Belize - Las TerrazasThe bride was kissed.Ambergris Caye Wedding - Photographer Belize - Las TerrazasThe cherub’s halo fell off.Belize Destination  Wedding PhotographerThe contract was marriage license.Belize Destination Wedding PhotographerIt was time to celebrate.Belize Wedding - Wedding Photographer in BelizeNo…REALLY celebrate!

Wedding Photography in BelizeBut first some traditional romantic interludes for the two stars of this love story.Belize Wedding - Wedding Photographer in BelizeA little kiss…Belize Destination Wedding Photographer…a little grope…Belize Destination Wedding Photographer…a little nuzzle…Belize Destination Wedding Photographer…and one hell of a sunset.Ambergris Caye Wedding - Photographer Belize - Las TerrazasTime for the curtains to close and the cast party to begin.

The End…’s not the end…truly it’s not….keep your eye on this blog because this story is TO BE CONTINUED!

This fabulous wedding was organised and hosted by Las Terrazas Resort

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