Belize Weddings in Paradise

10 Easy Steps to Your Destination Wedding in Belize

Belize Destination PhotographerCouples decide on destination weddings in Belize for so many reasons.  Some wish to elope, some want to mix their honeymoon and wedding, some want to escape the drama of a big wedding at home, others want to share the beauty of Belize with their family and friends.  Whatever the reason, we thought it was time we shared some helpful hints so that you can have the destination wedding of your dreams.

Belize Wedding PhotographerStep one.  Choose a dress that suits a tropical wedding on the beach.  Remember that you’ll be wearing it for quite a few hours, so you must love how you look in it, but even more – you need to love how you feel in it.

Wedding in BelizeIf you feel beautiful, you’ll look beautiful – just like this gorgeous bride.

Belize Wedding - Wedding Photographer in BelizeStep two.  Make sure your rings fit.  Did you know that a change in climate can make your fingers swell?  To avoid embarrassing moments you may want to use a little lotion on your hands before the ceremony to make sure everything goes ‘smoothly’.

Destination Wedding Photographer in BelizeStep 3.  Don’t forget about the groom.

Destination Wedding Photographer in BelizeMake sure he looks good and feels good in what he’s wearing too!

Belize Destination Wedding Photography - Wedding in BelizeStep 4. If you have got family and friends with you…

Wedding in Belize…give them things to keep them occupied so they feel useful and part of the ceremony.

Wedding Photography in BelizeStep 5.  In the tropics you will want to hold your ceremony later in the day for your comfort, the comfort of your guests and to get the best light for your photographs.  Never leave your guests sitting out in the heat for too long or they will get sweaty, uncomfortable and may well head off to the bar.

Belize Wedding at Las Terrazas Ambergris CayeStep 6.  If your guests have come all the way to Belize for your wedding, then they will want to participate and listen to the ceremony on your special day. They also will not want to ruin your photos.  You can help them to do these things by asking them not to bring or use cameras and phones to the ceremony.  Hey, you’ve paid good money for a professional photographer to do that.  They can just sit back and enjoy your beautiful ceremony.

Belize Destination Photographer

Step 7.  If you have friends and family along, don’t spend too much time trying to plan group shots.  Do you really want to spend an hour in the sun while everyone in every combination comes and stands next to you for a photo?  Most brides we work with come to Belize to relax and have fun – so, after the ceremony plan on one fun group shot with everyone in it.Belize Wedding - Beach Wedding in Belize

Step 8.  Make sure you’ve set aside time in the best possible light (the last hour before sunset is perfect) to relax and spend some private time with your photographer…

Belize Wedding - Wedding Photographer in Belize…because these are the memories of Belize that you’ll want to treasure forever.

Belize Destination Wedding Photography - Wedding in BelizeStep 9.  Be adventurous with your photos as you never know what might happen or who might fly by.

Wedding Photography in Belize - Las Terrazas Wedding BelizeStep 10.  Get ready to eat, drink and be married!!!!

We’d like to thank the gorgeous Las Terrazas Resort for organising and hosting this wedding.

For more photos, helpful hints and a chance to ask us your questions about wedding photography in Belize, check out our Facebook page here.

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