Belize Weddings in Paradise

Romance, Ruins and a bit of Rock-n-Roll – Belize Wedding

Wedding Photographer in BelizeBelize isn’t Mother Nature’s Best Kept Secret anymore.  Once, a destination for back packers, adventurers and scuba divers in the know, Belize – with it’s upscale, boutique resorts, jungle lodges and eco tours – has become a favourite get away for a younger, hipper crowd.  For couples that are just a little bit ‘rock-n-roll’, there can’t be many places more unique and mysterious than an ancient Maya ruin, steeped in folk lore and surrounded by pristine jungle – with the calls of prehistoric sounding howler monkeys calling in the distance and the aura of ancient spiritualism and folklore in the air.

Belize Destination Wedding Photography - Wedding in Belize

So how do you enjoy a bit of romance and rock-n-roll at the ruins in Belize?  You start by checking that everything looks perfect.

Belize Wedding Photography at Ka'ana

Then, with a flick of your fabulous frock, you head for….

Belize Wedding - Wedding Photographer in Belize…the bar for a quick shot of courage!

Wedding Photography - Belize Wedding at Mayan RuinsHow does a bride at one of the coolest locations get to her groom?  On a hand pulled ferry of course – with villagers waiting to greet her on the other side.  Sadly, this was our last wedding at Xunantunich Maya ruins with this ferry.  Progress has arrived and there is now a brand new ferry.  We’ll miss that old one!

Maya Ruins - Xunantunich - Wedding Photography in BelizeFinally, on the ledge of a temple built 1500 years ago, our beautiful bride finds her groom.  If we were younger, we might even say ‘what a sick location for a wedding’.  (sick, which according to the urban dictionary means ‘exceeding all expectations of awesomeness)

Wedding at Mayan Ruins in Belize - Belize Wedding PhotographyIn ancient times, celebrations may have been made with a toast of blood.  These days, it’s champagne!

Wedding Photography in Belize - Mayan Ruins PhotographerThe location was ancient and the photography was justified.

(Fans of British music from the 80’s/90’s as well as Tammy Wynette fans will understand this reference)

Wedding Photography in Belize - Xunantunich Wedding BelizeIf we were pretentious, we’d use this caption to ponder upon the juxtaposition of young, meeting old,  connections and the cycle of life – but instead we’ll just say that if you don’t think Belize is a perfect place for romance, ruins and a bit of rock-n-roll, then this is a message for you….

Belize Destination Wedding Photography

This fabulous romantic and rock-n-roll wedding at the ruins was organised by the beautiful Ka’ ana Belize.

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