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Fairy tales and Chandeliers – Belize Wedding

Ambergris Caye WeddingAll weddings are special – they really are, but there is no doubt that some are like a fairy tale and this is one of them.

Ambergris Caye WeddingFirst there was the dress – fit for a princess

Ambergris Caye WeddingIt fit like a dream.

Ambergris Caye WeddingAs in all good fairy tales, there was indeed a Prince Charming (yes, they are both handsome, but the Prince in this story is the one on your left).

Ambergris Caye WeddingYou would think that these petals had been laid by hand, but as in all fairy tales, the trees conspired to provide a petal strewn aisle for the Princess Bride.   This is where the chandelier enters the story – carried lovingly to Belize by the couple as a centrepiece for their beautiful and unique wedding under a fabulous Flamboyant Tree.

Ambergris Caye WeddingThe vows were carried by the sea breeze and then ….

Ambergris Caye Wedding…it was time for the kiss.  With the chandelier, the tree, the petals, the Princess Bride and Prince Charming Groom and the colourful casita, this was a truly magical moment.

Ambergris Caye WeddingA very cute congratulations!

Ambergris Caye WeddingThat quiet moment when you know it’s finally real and you’re not kissing a frog but a very handsome prince indeed.

Ambergris Caye WeddingJust gorgeous. There isn’t much more that can be said.  True love, magic and passion.

Ambergris Caye WeddingNo fairy tale is complete without thatched cabanas.  Well, no tropical fairy tale anyway.

Ambergris Caye WeddingOoh is it almost that time yet?

Ambergris Caye WeddingTime for what?   Time for a kiss?

Ambergris Caye WeddingTime to listen to the wise words of a magical conch?

Ambergris Caye WeddingTime to look adorable and play in the sand?

Ambergris Caye WeddingNo of course not! It’s time for a traditional Belizean toast with a true Belizean tipple – Belikin Beer.  Didn’t you know that all fairy tales must have happy endings?

This beautiful fairy tale wedding was hosted by Matachica Resort.

If you’d like to see more fairy tales with happy endings, then you really must tune into our Facebook page, which you can find here.  That’s where we post previews, sneak peeks and exchange cheeky banter with our friends.

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