Belize Weddings in Paradise

Sunsets & Strawberries – Belize Weddings

Cayo Espanto WeddingPeople who plan a romantic Belize Wedding often think about sunsets.  What they often forget is that the sun sets behind us and most of our coasts face the East.   That means we get spectacular sunrises over the Caribbean Sea, but our sunsets are a little bit more special.  There are private islands and sandbars where a sunset ceremony is possible and, of course, stunning.  But ‘what about the strawberries?’ we hear you say.  Patience grasshoppers, patience.

Belize WeddingThis is a story of a beautiful wedding on one of those gorgeous private islands and it includes…you guessed it….a sunset and strawberries.  This is the dress, waiting to be worn before the ceremony.

Cayo Espanto weddingHere is the groom, waiting for his bride to get into her dress.

Belize WeddingHere is the bride, in her dress, putting on her shoes…not just any shoes – if you’ve read our blog before, you’ll know that we love shoes – her Jimmy Choos.  Oh my!  It’s nearly that time.

Belize Wedding Cayo EspantoHere comes the bride.  She’s gorgeous, he’s gorgeous, the setting is gorgeous.  We nearly fainted with all the gorgeousness around us.  Luckily we didn’t faint as we had a job to do.

And then the kiss.  (and a sneaky squeeze)

Cayo Espanto WeddingTa Da!  Here are the strawberries.  Not just any strawberries, but strawberries dipped in chocolate.  Who would have thought of chocolate covered strawberries in Belize on a tropical island.  Now that is decadent and that is what you can expect when you have a luxurious wedding on a private island.  Oh yum!

Cayo Espanto WeddingNow it is time to go and explore the island and have some fun.

On a private island, there are plenty of opportunities to get a little bit private.

Wedding BelizeWhat sort of luxurious resort would not have an infinity pool and a spectacular view…. the clouds and the sea folks, not the bride..although she is spectacular.

Cayo Espanto Wedding

We couldn’t let those shoes go without featuring them at least once.

Cayo Espanto WeddingThe moment we’ve all been waiting for.  The sunset (and that sneaky squeeze again).

Cayo Espanto WeddingHow do you end a perfect wedding, on a perfect day on a luxurious private island?  With your own tiki torch lit romantic dinner on your own private beach of course.

This beautiful wedding was hosted by Cayo Espanto.

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4 responses

  1. just lovely!

    July 29, 2012 at 9:28 am

  2. Paola


    July 31, 2012 at 8:25 am

    • Thank you too! We’re so lucky to do what we do where we do it!

      July 31, 2012 at 11:35 am

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