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Gate crashers – Belize Weddings

As wedding photographers we’re spoiled.  OK, we’ve admitted it.  We’re seriously, thoroughly and completely spoiled.  Our backdrop is the Caribbean Sea, our brilliant, beautiful and fabulous clients are enjoying a once in a lifetime experience and we’re part of the party.  Seriously though,  how often can we say that we were able to shoot the best shoes in the world at the best hotel in the world?  We know this blog is supposed to be all about weddings, but shoes are very important at weddings  – particularly to us, here in the land of barefoot weddings, where we are seriously shoe deprived.  So, when a pair of Jimmy Choos* appeared as a special guest on the feet of one of our most beautiful brides, we were possibly, inappropriately excited.  Little did we know that the shoes had a personality all of their own.

Fortunately, the bride shared our enthusiasm and excitement for her shoes and we must admit that they did have their own photo session with us.  Unfortunately, after the beer we realised the shoes may not have had the best of intentions, in fact we realised that there may be a plot ‘afoot’ (haha – we said foot) to gate crash this wedding.  A conspiracy of shoes?

And here they are…the plotters, the conspirators.

Even into the evening, shoes tried to steal the show…but could they?

There was some stiff competition vying for centre stage at this wedding.  These creamy, delicious and beautiful cupcakes worked the crowd well, but they could never have guessed…that even the wildlife were getting in on the action at this party.  This little gate crasher certainly got plenty of attention, but he still wasn’t the only one.

Without a doubt though, this little girl, who watched the bride with dreams in her eyes, was absolutely the cutest and most successful gate crasher of all.

So let’s get back to the main event.  All of these folks aren’t gatecrashers at all. They are invited guests, though we suspect that some of the shoes may have snuck in on their feet.

Luckily the bride had it all in hand and once she realised the plot to upstage her at her own wedding, she quickly took control of her Choos.

And so it was finally time for our lovely couple to take centre stage.

The bride was just beautiful.

The scenery so romantic.

The sky so colourful.

The furniture so….ummm…errr…small.

The shoes were under control, the wildlife tamed and the cupcakes devoured.  Now was the time to relax and party and what a sublime party indeed.

*Jimmy Choo produces some of the most fabulous and expensive shoes in the world.  He has received an OBE (Order of the British Empire) for his contributions to the shoe industry and fashion.

This beautiful wedding was hosted at ‘The Best Hotel in the World’ (as voted by Trip Advisor)- The Phoenix.

Many thanks to Karen Diaz, who coordinated and planned this wedding.

Special thanks to all of the gate crashers, who helped to make this blog so much fun.

If you would like to see sneak peeks of our shoots, please tune in to our Facebook page.  Thanks for reading our blog.  We hope your shoes never conspire to upstage you at your wedding.

2 responses

  1. Oh muh gawd! – I love this! Wondermous photography!! Beautiful day!

    We just featured this as our wedding of the day!

    April 3, 2012 at 5:38 am

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