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Belize Weddings – Tabitha Does Toledo – A Truly Maya 2012 Wedding Experience

Who is Tabitha and where is Toledo and what on earth did Tabitha ‘do’ in Toledo?  Please let me introduce you to Tabitha. Tabitha is the dress and this is her 12th wedding.  Yes, you did read that correctly – her 12th wedding.  OK, this isn’t actually the wedding.  This is one of the many, quite spectacular images from the Trash the Dress session held after the wedding.  So, let’s start from the beginning shall we.

As photographers in Belize, we regularly get requests to do something for nothing.  Oddly enough it seems that many people believe that photographers don’t actually need to earn a living.  But when we received Alex’s email telling us about his amazing adventure with Lisa and their goal to get married 30 times, all over the world, experiencing different cultures and generally having a blast, it just caught our eye.  If anyone knows Conch Creative, they know that we love romance and what could be more romantic than wanting to get married 30 times.  So, we just had to say yes.  Sounds easy enough, but then there was the crux.  They were getting married in the Toledo District at the very south of Belize.  Alex didn’t hesitate a moment and said ‘We’ll be there with Peggy to pick you up’.  Peggy?  Now this marriage thing is getting  a bit complicated. First, Tabitha and now – Peggy?  We can now introduce you to Peggy, the 25 year old camper van they picked up in Canada and drove through the USA and Mexico to arrive in Belize.   Apparently, they had already done 11 weddings previously including an Vampire themed wedding in New Orleans and a drive through in Las Vegas.  I think you can see how we couldn’t resist being part of this amazing adventure.

So after a 200 mile road trip in Peggy to get to Toledo for the wedding, it was time to pretty up Lisa in Mopan Maya style. In the 1600’s the Mopan were converted to Catholicism but that doesn’t mean that many of their traditions do not remain.  The clothing, earrings and decoration all have significance and Lisa was dressed traditionally by a beautiful Maya woman, who loaned her hand made wedding clothes and did her hair.When she was ready, it was time to present herself to the world, looking fabulous and happy, having enjoyed such special treatment by her generous Maya hosts, Luciana and Reyes, who helped to plan everything.  They are part of the Toledo Ecotourism Association and are just the nicest people ever.
While Alex, scrubs up nicely, he didn’t quite jive with the Maya tradition the way that Lisa did, but never mind.  Getting married next to a waterfall, at a Maya village, in 2012 is quite enough excitement for one day.

Part of the Maya marriage tradition involves being wrapped in a red ribbon.

We’re not sure that this is the purpose for which the red ribbon is intended, but hey, when in doubt, improvise.

After the nuptials, it was time to party – Mopan Maya style.  Get your dancing shoes on and boogie on down to the sound of the traditional marimba.  Or just make out in the corner.  Whichever you prefer.

Before it all ends, there is always time for a romantic moment.  When four of you (Tabitha, Peggy, Lisa & Alex) travel so far to marry next to a waterfall in a tropical rain forest among the Maya people, you really must take time to appreciate it.  Although it seems like Lisa and Alex felt that Peggy and Tabitha needed a break, because they had a big day coming up.

 When Peggy arrived at this location for the Trash the Dress shoot, she must have thought this was the end of the road for her as it appeared to be a car graveyard.  Who would have thought that it would be the perfect place to showcase the beautiful Tabitha in all her glory.  Of course Lisa helped.

Luckily for Peggy, this wasn’t her last stop.  She was just being cared for in the car hospital while Tabitha came out to play in the car graveyard.  It turns out that they don’t just send cars here to die.  Boats find their way to this resting ground also.

We had to remind Lisa that this was not in fact a resting ground for tired brides.  Yes, we know that 12 weddings is quite remarkable but buck up girl – you’ve got another 18 to go before your finished.

While Alex held Peggy’s hand (ok, she doesn’t have hands, she has tires, but it adds to the drama), Lisa and Tabitha explore a new and fabulous land of junk and glory.

As the dark clouds rolled in, the four of them (Peggy, Tabitha, Alex & Lisa) knew that it was time to hit the road and prepare for wherever their next adventure would take them.  They are nearly half way to their 30th wedding and there truly cannot have been a more epic, romantic and wonderful wedding adventure.  We’re so glad that they came to Belize for a truly authentic Maya 2012 wedding experience and we’re ever so grateful that they loved our work enough to include us in the fairy tale.  Bon Voyage Alex, Lisa, Peggy and Tabitha.

This wedding was made possible by the wonderful people at the Toledo Ecotourism Association.

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5 responses

  1. We love you. we love you…did we mention we love you?! We had such a blast and our day would not have been possible without you and the TEA. Thank you so very much for producing the most fantastic images of the wedding, and of course Peggy and the gorgeous Tabitha! They are so unusual and really POP! We loved every minute of the day from the 200 mile trek gossiping all the way, to collecting the Marimba, to the ceremony, to paddling in the waterfall and then in the mud in the scrapyard! You helped us create some fantastic memories and of course to make some fantastic friends! Xx

    February 10, 2012 at 9:38 am

  2. We’re with you every step of the way and envy every single photographer who is going to be lucky enough to work with you. You are both gorgeous, smart and adorable and we really hope you’ll come back to Belize to visit someday! Congratulations today for your 13th wedding!

    February 10, 2012 at 10:35 am

  3. Jacquie Kernick

    This is a lovely blog, creating for us in pictures and words a mini-capsule of this special day. You are right that Lisa and Alex are both gorgeous, smart and adorable. Following their adventures since they left the shores of Britain has been, and continues to be full of suprises and adventures.

    Thank you for your contribution to the memories. You done them proud 🙂

    February 10, 2012 at 10:50 am

  4. Gush gush blush, thanks everyone! And for sure Colette and Maya…we will be visiting!! Xx

    February 10, 2012 at 1:00 pm

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